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Bear Island Painting and Pressure Washing Projects


Montebello, CA Bathroom Interior Painting Project

Montebello Bathroom Interior Painting

In this Mentebello, CA home, we were hired to help with a bathroom renovation project. The bathtub was installed by a seperate company. Bear Island Painting was in charge of repairing drywall, as well as texturing and painting the bathroom...

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Parking Lot Commercial Painting in West Covina, CA

Parking Lot Commercial Painting

In this West Covina project, we painted the Vanllee Hotel parking lot. We painted over 250 parking spaces.

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Teacher's Lounge Interior Painting Project in North Hollywood, CA

interior painting in north hollywood

In this North Hollywood project, we repainted the school's teacher's lounge. The old painter painted used water based paints over an oil base. Because of this, the paint was peeling off badly. We started with a full primer coat, then proceeded to paint the walls, trim, and cabinets using Dunn Edwards paints.

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West Covina, CA Interior Painting Project

interior painting in west covina

To start this project in West Covina, we prepped and patched up all of the areas we were painting. We proceded to prime all of the areas we were going to paint, which included the walls, doors, windows, ceiling, and the trim in two different bedrooms. We them finished up the project with Dunn Edwards paints.

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Fosselman’s Ice Cream Interior Painting Project in Alhambra, CA

interior painting in alhambra

Bear Island Painting was hired by Fosselman's Ice Cream to paint the store's interior. This project included painting the walls, ceiling, window frames, doors, and display cases. We worked after the store's business hours. In total, the project took three days.

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